Investing in yourself!!


Anyone who knows me may think that I am highly educated, but I am not.  I have a high school diploma with a few courses at a community college to learn some office skills.  Other than that I am self taught in just about everything I know how to do.  That not only includes what I know about my business but what I do in my personal life.  For example:  I have designed and built my own home among many other things I have done in my short life.  Most of that education didn’t cost me a dime!!! Thanks to books, seminars, workshops, free conference calls, Facebook groups and this thing called the World Wide Web!!

To become an entrepreneur doesn’t mean that you must have 4 yrs of college.  In fact, some of the highest paid entrepreneurs haven never gone to college.  Most have gone to the College of Hard Knocks or the College of Life.  They have learned what they needed to know by researching, attending seminars and reading books.  The world is at the tips of your fingers . . . literally . . . with access to the internet.  You can search for anything and find it.  You can watch videos to show you how to make something or how to run a business.

You name it . . . you can find it. . . you just have to look

You just have to be willing to take some time to do the research, learn it and then put it into action.

What could you do with $1,000 in 90 days?????

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Two people that come to my mind when I think of Self Development.  They are Lisa Wilbur, SEUL with Avon Products and Darren Hardy, Success Magazine.  Neither of these individuals were brought up in families that had a lot of income.

Lisa lived in a double wide trailer and had to chase the electric man up the pole begging him not to shut off her power.  Now she’s one of the top producers with Avon, makes a 6 figure income, lives in a nice big house that she shares with her mother and adopted daughter.  She has been known to say “I will NEVER be poor again!”  Self development has helped her become what she is today.

After a divorce when he was 18 mths old, Darren Hardy was raised by his father who wasn’t the soft, nurturing type.  Darren’s day was started by hearing his university coach dad slamming weights on the garage floor.  Darren was given lots of chores to do around the house.  After school, there would be a long list of things he was to get done . . . including his homework.  His dad was a NO EXCUSE kind of guy.  So there were no missed school days unless you were puking, bleeding or showing bone.  Speaking of school . . . he has only one semester of college under his belt.  Yet, he considers himself a very well educated person.  Why?  Personal development.  He takes 10% of what he earns in a year and reinvests it into personal development.

Now how can we take what these two entrepreneurs have done
and apply it to our lives?

We don’t need to invest as much money as Darren has done . . . not yet, anyway.  Start by finding a direct sales company, like Avon, that you are passionate about and join them.  Most of them can be joined for under $100.00 .  Then start researching the internet for EVERY THING you can find out about that company and how to run it successfully.  Join Facebook groups, watch YouTube videos and/or find a Mentor that will help you learn even more.  Your company may have top sellers who do Free conference calls . . . join in on them.  When you are ready, you can buy some books, attend seminars, workshops and conferences that might cost you some extra money.  But they will be well worth it in time and money.

When I first started my Avon business in 2009, I researched YouTube videos and internet sites to see what was out there that would help me learn how to run my new business even better.  In my searching, I found a lady named Sue Mazza.  She had a 10 week conference call/workshop where she gave tips on how to run an Avon business successfully.  The cost was $100.00!!!  What? What?  $100??  I have never spent that much on any kind of training before.  Sue and I emailed each other back and forth for several days before I finally paid the $100.  BEST $100 I ever spent!!!  I think that is what jump started my Avon business to know that there really could be money made with it.  We have been friends ever since.

Sometimes you just have to hold your breath and

jump in with both feet!  

I’m glad I did.

Today I want you to invest in your success.  Get out there and research your passion and just Jump IN to learn all that you can learn to be the best you can be!!!

Happy Avoning!  Karen Ohnleiter Whitney

Join our Team

What could you do with $1,000 in 90 days?????

JOIN our Shooting Stars Team 

to Learn How to Earn It

For as little as $25.00!!!


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