Chapter 10 – Maiden Voyage: Not what we expected!

Day #5 – Monday Afternoon Memorial Day

We finally hit the road back to Amarillo.  Really sad that we are leaving without our new RV and really sad that our family won’t gt to see it when they come on June 9th for the “Milestone” Anniversary party.  Oh well . . . on the brightside . . . which I always try to find the ‘silver lining’.

We had a smooth trip home until we were about 60 miles from home.  We always stay at the last rest area outside of town.  As I pull into a parking space, pulled up until I felt the curb and then backed away from it.  BUT . . . it got stuck in REVERSE!!  I couldn’t get it into park and “park assist on” was on the panel screen!! What the hell is park assist???  We get out the manual and there is NOTHING about it.  I get online to look it up but I can’t get service on my phone.  Ted gets out his laptop that has an  air card to look it up.  In the meantime, my State Farm agent, John Dawson calls me.  I have to go up by the building to get service while Ted stays at the table we had with some shade so we don’t lose it to others who are stopping to rest also.

After I explain our situation with the RV insurance a few days ago, he tells me that we would have been covered.  That is the shortest explanation you’ve gotten from me in this entire series!  LOL!!  Then I tell him that we are broke down in the truck and need to call ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE (RA) .  So I do . . .

Since we stop at this rest area all the time, I remembered that they have a sign inside that tells the mile marker number.  So I go get that number to give it to the RA lady.  She asks me all kinds of questions and I can answer most of them.  When I give her the mile marker number she asks me what town I’m near . . . Amarillo about 80 miles east (Later I realize it was actually only 60).  After she does some looking on a map (I guess), she says “Ok, we have someone in Pampa that can come.”  Me (in a very frustrated tone) . .  “PAMPA?? . . . I’m not in PAMPA!! . . . they aren’t going to tow me to PAMPA are they?!?!”  In a calm voice, she says “Ma’am, that’s my next question . . . where would you like to be towed?”  Then I apologize to her and explain to her that I’ve had a rough weekend and I didn’t mean to get short with her.  She was so sweet and said “Thank you for that and don’t worry, we’ll take care of you.”   And, after a long conversation with her, she did get someone to come out.  He should be here in about 40 minutes.

30 minutes later we get a call from Solomon from Bob Douthit Autos that they are running behind . . . remember . . .It’s Memorial Day?  Anyway, it’ll be another 40 minutes.  I told him we were fine and weren’t going anywhere. Thankfully it was a cool day and there was a slight breeze.  We rolled down the windows and kicked back and waited for help to arrive.

When he got there and we explained what happened, he said ” I think I know exactly what happened.”  He proceeds to climb under the truck . . . “Yep, you have a missing bolt on the ‘linkage’ and the other one is loose.”  He tighten the one that was left and got us on our way!!

BTW – on our way to Oklahoma we heard something hit under the truck.  We thought I hit something in the road.  Apparently that was the missing bolt.  Then all weekend I was having trouble getting into DRIVE.  It would click into NEUTRAL and then I had to slightly move it into DRIVE . . . no click, just move it a little bit.  He said that is why . . . those bolts were missing and/or loose.

Stay tuned for more excitement to come from “The Ole Rooster and his Hen” . . .

Chapter 9                 FINAL Chapter



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