Chapter 6 – Maiden Voyage: Not what we expected

Day #4 – Sunday Morning:

As I stated earlier, we are not breakfast people.  But I did make a pot of coffee and started to put more stuff away and set things up while hubby worked.  This is is BIG work day and he set up a make shift office area and he got to doing his thing and I continued doing mine.

Stock photo – not our bathroom

Thinking we had plenty of time,  I messed around trying to decide where I wanted to put stuff and would take a break once in a while to watch some TV and enjoy my new “home away from home”.  Since we don’t have everything we need for long trips, I was having a hard time putting stuff away because there would be only one or two things on a shelf.  Therefore, they would be flying around the cabinets once we headed home.  For the meantime, I tried to put stuff in places where they’d support each other and not get hurt.  As I was putting thing away, I’d find other items that we could use for the RV so made another Walmart run.

Sunday afternoon:  Thankfully, today was a much cooler day than yesterday.  I think it was supposed to only be in the mid 80’s and the humidity was a lot less than yesterday and the day before.  We even turned the A/C way down . . . up . . . well, to a warmer setting.  LOL!!!  I noticed that when it “cycled” off, the fan was still on.  I mentioned it to Ted because I thought it was kinda weird that you could still have the fan blowing but no AC coming out.  Remember this fan as you read on . . .

Image result for I'm starvingWhen I get busy, I tend to ‘forget’ or just don’t eat much if anything during the day and just have a meal in the evening.  Since today was not a crazy busy day, I decided to have some lunch since I didn’t eat breakfast. There was some pizza leftover from our first night in the hotel so I warmed up a piece in the microwave.  After it shut off, I realized that I no longer heard that fan of the A/C anymore.  I asked hubby if he turned the A/C completely off and he said he did not.  When I checked it, it was still on the settings that I had it on but nothing was happening.  Then I tried to change settings . . . nothing happened.  Ted tried it to with no luck.

Here is where everything really goes even further south . . .

Stay tuned for more excitement to come from “The Ole Rooster and his Hen” . . .

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