Chapter 7 – Maiden Voyage: Not what we expected

Day #4 – Sunday Afternoon (Con’t):

We do some investigating on our own.  I check all the outlets – they have power; the USB ports do not have power; the TV, microwave and refrigerator all have power.  We do have lights too.  Hubby checks the fuses – they are good. He checks the breakers – they are good.  We check the breaker at the pole outside – it was thrown.   So we reset it.  I turn the battery disconnect off so that we can see if we are running on electricity or battery.  Electricity only!!


Remember that Extended Warranty package we decided to buy?  Well, let’s see how well it works.  


I call the extended warranty company and they have a tech call me.  YAY!  But keep in mind . . . I don’t know a lot about electricity never mind 12v stuff.  AND keep in mind that hubby is still recovering from his heat exhaustion from yesterday and is working his busiest day of his work week no in an RV without A/C and it’s starting to warm up.  Since it’s a cooler day without much humidity and we have a sligh breeze,  I open all the windows to get air moving inside.  I brought a small . . . well . . . tiny fan  . . . JUST IN CASE . . . and pointed it on hubby.  I can stand a lot more heat than he can.

The phone tech I go thru lots of scenarios . . . most of which we had already done.  In the end, he decides that something is wrong with the converter.  It’s either not charging correctly or it’s draining the batteries.  Battery charge chart We agree to leave the battery disconnect off to conserve what battery is left (we are at 8.5v), hook up to the truck and try to charge the battery.  It goes from 8.5v to 13v quickly and stops.  I’m thinking it’s a ‘quick charge’ and will continue to do a ‘deep charge’ the longer we leave the truck idling.  NOBODY . . .until days later . . . told me that 13v IS a full charge!!!!!  Who knew that when you are hooked up to shore power that you needed to watch your battery levels??!!??

The phone tech suggests that 1) we buy a battery charger and 2) call the Extended Warranty people again to have them send out a Mobile Tech because he couldn’t diagnose the problem any further without being there.

I immediately get on the phone with the Extended Warranty company, tell the lady what had happened and that the phone tech suggested that we have a Mobile Tech to come out ASAP because he couldn’t do anything else over the phone.  Here is where the FUN really begins . . . keep reading . . .


I know this has been a long blog post . . . so do you remember that it’s Memorial Day weekend?  AND . . . it’s SUNDAY!!!! Yep!!

giphyWell . . . guess what she says . . . “I can’t send a mobile tech to you because you are not covered for one.”  WHAT?????  We are not covered????  We just paid $x,xxx for an extended warranty and we are NOT COVERED!!!????!!!!  I’m livid and hubby is BEYOND LIVID!!!!

We get on the phone and call Stan our salesman at RV General Store who assures us that we will be taken care of.  He wants us to go to the office at the Rockwell RV Park , get the name of a mobile tech in the area, call him to get us up and running.  If we need to get a hotel, they’ll cover that too.

So the next few hours are spent trying to find a Mobile Tech that will come out on a Sunday of a holiday weekend.  The result was no answer or “we aren’t running today”.  So we had to go to plan “B”.

Stay tuned for more excitement to come from “The Ole Rooster and his Hen” . . .

Chapter 6                                 Chapter 8



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