Chapter 8 – Maiden Voyage: Not what we expected

Day #4 – Sunday Evening:

Plan “B” . . . I remembered that Rockwell RV Park rents Park Models . . . kind of like a cabin on wheels.  I run up to the office, again, to ask if they had a vacancy.  They did!! Whoop Whoop!!!  Now, instead of leaving our RV there all alone and trying to find another hotel, we can just stay here.   If we need anything . . . which we did . . . we could just run to the RV and get it without having to drive across town.

Not only was it Memorial Day weekend but there was some kind of Womens/Girl softball tournament too.  So everything was booked up more than usual.

2017-05-28 16.54.48I run to the closest Auto store, NAPA, to buy a battery charger.  Remember, I don’t know much about electricity & 12v stuff, so this should be interesting.  And it was. The guy at the auto store didn’t know much more than I did.  I sent a picture to the phone tech of the one I wanted to purchase and he confirmed that was the one I needed. WHEW!!

Then I made another trip to Walmart for  . . . well, I really don’t remember what for . . .  grab some take-out for dinner and head back to the cabin for the night.  BTW – We were supposed to be cooking in our RV to test out the appliances but instead we are eating fast food in a park model at the Rockwell RV Park.

No automatic alt text available.When I get back to the Rockwell RV Park, I settle up at the office for the new accommodations and she tells me “I have a deal for you.”  She had told the owner about our situation and he was willing to let us move the RV, to an area back by the Buffalo pens they have on their property, so we didn’t have to pay for two spaces tonight.  I thanked her and said “We don’t have power to pull the slides in to move it.  Plus, the RV General Store  offered to pay for a night in a hotel if needed, so they can just pay for this cabin.”  I was very impressed with the Rockwell RV Park.  They will be getting a SendOutCard from us with some brownies.

We spent the rest of the day packing up the RV . . . AGAIN . . . so we could, hopefully, pull-in the slides.  And then in the morning, we hoped there’d be enough juice to bring up the leveling jacks.

giphy1One of the joys of having an RV was supposed to be NOT having to pack and repack!!!  Again, I had to make decisions on what we were leaving in the RV and what we were taking to the cabin and, eventually, home.  Yes . . . we have a feeling that the RV is staying in Oklahoma and we are going home to Texas without it.

We load up the truck . . . again . . . drive over to the other end of Rockwell RV Park and unload . . . yet again . . . only what we need for the night in the cabin.  We get settled in, eat our ‘take out’ dinner, take our showers and go to bed.  Another thing we didn’t get to do in our RV . . . take a shower.

Tomorrows episode . . . we take the RV to RV General Store.  You would think that would be the end of our CRAZY weekend . . . NOT!!!

Stay tuned for more excitement to come from “The Ole Rooster and his Hen” . . .

Chapter 7                                Chapter 9



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