Chapter 9 – Maiden Voyage: Not what we expected

Day #5 – Monday Morning Memorial Day:

This has been a much longer series of blog posts than originally planned but I wanted to document everything that happened on our Maiden Voyage to refer to in the future . . . when we can really sit back and have a good laugh about it.

If you are still reading it, Thank you for staying with me as I continue our Maiden Voyage adventure. . . because we aren’t done.


What else could possible go wrong!!??!!

After a decent night sleep, we get up and load up the truck one last time!!!  We go drive over to the RV to hitch it up and drive it to RV General Store.  We know that the service department isn’t open but they said there would be a few salesmen working . . .including ours.  Which means there is no one there to work on it and we’ll have to leave it and go back to Amarillo without it.  If Ted didn’t have get back to work and then fly out later in the week for a business trip, we’d stay another night or two.

I pull the truck up to the RV close enough to hook it to the ‘power’ so we can get the leveling legs up but not close enough to hook it to the hitch.  We proceed to get all the sewer hoses, water and electrical cord all packed away and get the leveling legs up.

Believe it or not . . . we actually had a lot of successes today and some VERY firsts for me!!!

SUCCESS #1 – So far, I have been the one to hook the RV up to the truck hitch.  I did it at RV General Store when we picked up the RV and I did it again today.  The only difference was that this time, I did it on the first try!  Whoop Whoop!!!

SUCCESS #2 – Since this was our first outing and hubby has done all the hooking up and un-hooking in the past (30 yrs in the past), I told him that I wanted to do it all this time.  With Ted’s guidance, I got everything unhooked, cleaned out and packed up in the basement of the RV.

SUCCESS #3 – Hubby asked if I wanted to drive it to RV General Store  . . .Uh . . .YES!!  But I had an obstacle to overcome.  Hubby always says “Adapt, adjust and overcome!”  The guy next to us was already hooked up to his trailer and his truck was sticking out in the road a little bit.  I needed to maneuver a turn between his truck and a dumpster that was up against a concrete wall of the bathhouse.  Ted was sure that I could make that turn but I saw that it was WIDE open behind the RV and told him that I wanted to back it out instead.  “Are you sure?” he says.  “YEP”.  He explains to me that if I want the RV to go right, then I need to turn the steering wheel left and vise versa.  Again with is guidance, I back it up like I’ve been doing it for years!!!

At RV General Store they are very busy and have a skeleton crew.  We explained our situation to everyone that would listen and found out that we were misinformed!!!  YES we were covered for an onsite mobile tech!!!!  AND we are covered for our hotel.  The finance manager, Dave, said we should have called the warranty company back and talked to someone else.  He also suggested that if this ever happens again, ask that person to speak to their supervisor.  As frustrating as the last few days were, we are glad to find out that the money we spent on that Extended Warranty wasn’t in vain.  We ARE covered and we’ll know what to do next time. . .  which I hope never happens.  It’s an RV and it will happen . . .but we are now armed with more knowledge and tools for the next time.

Memorial-DayRemember this is Memorial Day right?  We were talking to the salesman in the parts department and he says “This is the first time that we have ever been open on Memorial Day!”  WOW!!  We are still having some good luck!!!

We say goodbye to everyone at RV General Store, thank them for their help, hop in our truck and head back to Amarillo.

Normally, this would be the end of the story.  Well, it’s not . . . stay tuned for the FINAL chapter of our Maiden Voyage.

Stay tuned for more excitement to come from “The Ole Rooster and his Hen” . . .

Chapter 8                        Chapter 10



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