FINAL Chapter – Maiden Voyage: Not what we expected!

Day #6 – Tuesday morning

We finally got home yesterday and got unpacked and then took the truck back to the shop to get the Cruise Control fixed that they didn’t get fixed before we left for Oklahoma and to fix the “linkage” issue.

Later that night we are sitting on the sofa discussing what is going on for the rest of the week.  Ted needed to go to Guymon on Wed and then flies to Austin for a meeting Thurs and Friday.  With the truck in the shop I am without a vehicle on Wednesday.  I said “I’m fine!  I have plenty to do here without leaving the apartment”.  Then panic hits!!!  OMG!!!  My scanner and photos that mom sent me to scan for the “Milestone” party are in the RV!!!  Then another wave of panic hits!!!  OMG . . . the RV keys? Where are they?  Did I see them in my purse before or after we dropped of the RV?  O. M. G.!!!! They are in my purse!!!! Both sets!!!!!

I get on the phone and talk to our salesman at RV General Store.  I tell him that I will overnight the keys and when he gets the keys to go get my scanner/pictures to overnight to me.  My overnight goes out on Tues but because of the holiday, they may not get there until Thurs. DAMN Memorial Day weekend . . . I’m so done with you!!!  He overnights my package late on Wednesday.  They get my keys and I get my scanner/pictures on Thursday!!!

Now we just wait to hear from the Dodge dealer to see if they have gotten the truck fixed and wait to hear from RV General Store to see if the RV is ready for us to come pick up on Monday.  As of Saturday June 3rd, I have heard nothing about either of them.

Thank you for sticking with me as I told you all about our Maiden Voyage Memorial Day Weekend from Hell adventure.  I hope that next time I post about a trip that it will be a much more enjoyable one and that the story won’t be near as long.


Truck isn’t fixed . . . they are too busy so we just picked it up so we can have it in case we leave for OKC on Monday.

RV is partially completed and the CONVERTER was bad.  So they’ve ordered a new one and she didn’t know any timelines.  I need to talk to the WARRANTY lady at RV General Store who isn’t there until Monday.  I will be on the phone to her bright and early Monday morning to find our more.  We hope she intercepted all of the items that were supposed to be delivered to our sons home and had them shipped to RV General Store instead because our daughter-in-law says they haven’t received anything.

I know you would LOVE to go back and read these chapters again.  So to make it easy for you, here are the links:

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Stay tuned for more excitement to come from “The Ole Rooster and his Hen” . . .



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