DANGERs at the Make Up Counter!!!

Makeup Gone Bad!!!  See what happened to this lady when she went to a local department store make-up counter to have a “color match” done for a new foundation. Watch the video HERE.

Just because she was at a department store, doesn’t mean this isn’t something we need to worry about at home.  We know where our fingers have been . . . right?  Wrong


 How long do you keep your make-up?

Do you wash your makeup brushes?
Do you wash your hands before you put on your own makeup?
Do you wash your lips after eating before reapplying your lipstick after you eat?

I bet there are some of you out there that have makeup in your drawer right now that is over 2 yrs old.  I know I do!!!

It is important to know the shelf life of your makeup. As an Avon representative, we are taught that you should replace your makeup after a certain period of time.  To keep track of how long you’ve had your makeup, put a label on each product or write the date your purchased them with a permanent marker.  Here is why:

  1. To be sure they are still effective
  2. To keep from possible contamination with bacteria that could cause rashes or infections

Here are some quick tips to tell of your makeup has gone bad and needs replacing:

  1. Does it smell?
  2. Has it changed colors?
  3. Does it clump?

Here is a chart that will inform you on when you should replace your makeup:

Other products not listed in this chart that you should replace are:

MOISTURIZERS: 3 years Discard them sooner if you start to smell an off odor or the overall texture seems to have changed.

SUN PROTECTION: 2 years When it’s time to discard, you’ll notice that the product starts to separate and may have an odor.

SELF -TANNERS: 6 months to 1 year Self-tanners take on a funny smell when they’re past their prime. They become less effective and you may get a lighter or inconsistent “tan”

FRAGRANCE: 1 to 4 years Perfume fades in 1 to 2 years: Toilet water: 2 to 4 years. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. 

When you are ready to replace your makeup, please go my eStore to pick out your replacements. Besides . . . isn’t it time to UPDATE your makeup supply to the summer palettes?

Your products will be shipped to your front door with FREE shipping if you place a $40+ order.  If you don’t have a $40+ order, then the shipping will be a flat fee of $5.95.

If you have any questions about becoming an Avon representative, send me an email.  Use MAKEUP GONE BAD in the subject line.  

Or find me on FACEBOOK . . . Chatting with Karen


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