Good, the bad and the ugly!


Dodge RAM 3500 Diesel Dually – We got the truck out of the shop so that we could go get our 2016 Vanleigh Vilano from the dealership, RV General Store, in Newcastle, OK.


Dodge RAM 3500 Diesel Dually – it needs a new computer system, tuner and cruise control.  Apparently, the computer doesn’t match the VIN #.  What???  AND . . . there has been some kind of water damage. REALLY???

2016 Vanleigh Vilano – They didn’t get everything done as we were told on the phone before we drove for 4.5 hrs and spent a night in a hotel to get it!!!  None of the parts have been shipped to them – blinds, vent cover, awning track and the recall bolts.  LONG story short . . . there were too many people involved at this point and nobody knew what the other one was doing.  Also, they washed it  . . . well, supposedly washed it . . . before we got there.  OMG!!  I don’t know where they went to school to learn how to wash RV’s but they had to have failed that class!!!  The did rewash it . . . and still didn’t do a great job!!  The Warranty Manager at RV General Store and I have decided that from this point forward, her and I will only contact each other about ANYTHING to lessen the chance of anything ‘falling thru the cracks” again.  The did pay for our gas and hotel tho . . . so they ARE really trying to make things right by us.  But it’s sure becoming very frustrating!!

AND I was determined to bring the Vilano home . . . I was NOT leaving Oklahoma without it!!!  Here is the deal we made with them . . . we are going to Tennessee the first week of August, will drive thru Oklahoma City and planned to spend the night anyway.  So we’ll drop off the RV when we hit town, grab a hotel & dinner, check out of the hotel and go pick up the RV the next day and it better be finished!!!  FYI . . . the parts were ordered the day we took the RV home to Texas.  So we are waiting for them . . . some are coming here and some are being shipped to the dealership.  Oh . . . without any tracking codes as of today.


Dodge RAM 3500 Diesel Dually – $4,000 to put in a new computers system, tuner and cruise control

2016 Vanleigh Vilano – Had to call an RV Tech to Fort Amarillo RV Park here at home where we have it parked so that I can get it loaded for our August trip.

We parked it at the Fort Amarillo RV Park on the 19th of June.  That day the power kept shutting off and I would go reset it at the pole without checking the power cord to see if any lights were on.  The maintenance man of the Fort Amarillo RV Park was talking to our neighbor so I nabbed him when he was finished.  In short, he told me to check for lights on the power plug first.  If they are lit, then something is “thrown” inside the RIG.  The power never tripped again that day . . . nor did it the next day (yesterday). Today . . . well, that’s a different story.  It was fine all day until around 3pm . . the hottest part of the day!!!  Lights flickered and the radio would go on/off.  I get on the phone to RV General Store and we decide to call out an RV Mobile Tech.  He looked at several things and decided that our problem seems to be coming from the power cord.  It has a burned pole and he doesn’t know if that is causing the issue or if that is the result of something in the RIG causing it to burn. RV General Store is paying for the tech and will file the claim with our Extended Warranty.  Now the RV is going BACK to RV General Store to get fixed again.  We MUST get this issue fixed BEFORE we head out on our month long trip!!!  The blinds, vent cover and awing strip are small potatoes to this problem!!!


Dodge RAM 3500 Diesel Dually – We have contacted the dealership in Dallas and they are going to fix all the issues with the truck!!!  BUT, that means we have to drive there and leave it with them for a couple of days.

2016 Vanleigh Vilano – Since we need to get the truck to Dallas, we are going to take the RV to RV General Store in Oklahoma. We’ll drop it off and continue onto Dallas in just the truck. Get it fixed and then head back to Oklahoma to pick up the RV and bring it back home.  If the parts that are being shipped do not arrive in time to get fixed on this trip, we’ll stay an extra night in Oklahoma City on our way to Tennessee and get the all done at that time.

Stay tuned for more excitement to come from “The Ole Rooster and his Hen” . . .





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