Is it a Complicated or Easy Fix?

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So exciting!!  We finally got our new 2016 Vanleigh Vilano 325RL home.  Since we live in an apartment and will be putting her in storage before our trip in August, we decided to rent a space in one of our local RV Parks called Fort Amarillo RV Park  & Resort for a few days.  Originally we were going to stay Monday to Thursday then change it to leave on Saturday.  After thinking about it, hubby wanted to be able to spend some time in it over the weekend since he had to work all week which included a meeting out of town.  So I check if we could checkout the following Monday instead.  The lady worked hard to rearrange everyone so that we could stay there and not have to move.  Even tho we could use the practice hooking and unhooking, we really didn’t want to have to do it.  Especially since I had set everything up so nice and would have to pack it up for a short drive across the park and unpack it.  I thanked her for not making us move.

Baskets & Bins saved for RV

When we sold the house, I saved a bunch of bins and baskets (plastic & wicker) of various sizes and shapes.  I knew that they would come in handy in some way in the new RV and now I can finally see what I can use and what I can’t.

While hubby worked, I spent my week arranging things the way I wanted them.  I have to admit, the first day I pretty much spun my wheels and didn’t get anything accomplished which was pretty frustrating for me. I spent my time hopping from one area to another and back saying “This will work here.  Nope.  Maybe here.  Nope.  How about here. YES!”  So I just kept doing that until I found a place to use them.  Those that I didn’t find a use for, I ended up putting in the back cabinets for future use.  No reason to take them back to the apartment where I really don’t have room for them.  Then as we start using the RV, I may find uses for them.  Not getting rid of anything just yet.

We had taken some items with us on our first trip to Oklahoma when we picked up the RV and they were kind of put where I wanted them.  Some where just together in a drawer/cabinet to keep things from flying around in empty cabinets.  Now that we had the RV here, I took the items that I’ve been storing at the apartment for the RV . . . things like . . . more decorative items, dishes, pots & pans, glasses, paper goods, toiletries, towels, etc.  AND while putting these things where I think I want them, I have to keep in mind that I need to leave room for food.

The next day went much better and I was able to make some great progress and the 3rd day I was able to get it all put somewhere and actually decorate the RV.  That was so much fun and something I have been looking forward to doing for over a year.  When hubby wanted to stay another couple of days so we could just sit back and enjoy it before putting it into storage for a month, I was all for it and couldn’t wait to just sit back and enjoy it.  I was able to take some great pictures of it all decorated so that my family could see our new ‘part-time’ home since they didn’t get to see it in person when everyone was here for the Anniversary Milestone & Retirement parties.

Today hubby decided to come work from the RV.  While he worked I was able to put the finishing touches on the RV and show him around so he’d kind of know where I put things.  At least for now!  Because if you know me at all, you know that I will be making changes many times before I get things where they work best for us.  Then we sat down, looked around enjoying our new beautiful “part-time’ home and then . . . .

The lights started to blink . . . that was the beginning of the end!!

RBILOGO.JPG.w300h294To make a really long boring story as short as I can . . . we had another power failure!!  We had to call a mobile tech out to find out what the problem was this time.  FYI – 100+ degrees and no AC at the hottest part of the day!! The mobile tech checked several things:  shore power, fuses, breakers, converter, etc.  Apparently our power cord has a burned ‘leg’.  So it’s either been fried by something in the RV or the something in the RV is frying the cord.  We paid him and he went on his way.

No power . . . no more having fun in our BRAND NEW RV for the weekend.  So while hubby was out of town at a meeting on Friday, I was at the RV packing it up to put it into storage until we can find a few days to drive it back to Oklahoma City to the dealership.

THANKFULLY it was a windy and MUCH cooler day.  I was able to open windows and get a good cool breeze throughout the RV since I couldn’t run the AC or a fan.  So I was able to take my time and put things away in an un-hurried manner.  I closed up the RV and headed back to the apartment instead of staying there to spend the night at the RV Park.

Our checkout time was noon on Saturday.  So hubby and I get to the park around 10am thinking we’d have plenty of time to do a couple things I didn’t get done the day before, dump the black/grey tanks, pull the slides in and hook up to drive to the storage space.

The first thing we did when we got to the RV was to hook the truck power to the batteries to help charge them so we could pull the slides in.  I kept worrying that we wouldn’t be able to pull the slides in and hubby says “we are at 12v, we should be ok.”  Well, we weren’t!!  The second I tried to pull them in the paneled blink off and the power was gone!!!  Thankfully one of the workers at the RV park had a set up on his truck that would hook the power straight from his truck battery to the batteries on the RV (basically he jumped us).  Yay!! Slides are pulled in.  So we hook up the truck and start to raise up the jacks.  I bet you can’t possibly guess what happened!!!  YEP!!  Power was gone again!!!!  Again he was able to jump us and we got the jacks up. WHEW!!!

And I bet you all think that is the end of our saga .  . . well, you’d be wrong!!

We scoped out the storage unit space earlier in the day to see where/how we needed to pull in to angle the RV into the tight space between another RV & a pole!!  So we pull in, confident that we know exactly how we need to pull in to back into the spot.  All I can say is it didn’t go as planned but we finally got it in the space.

Ted reaches up to pull the release handle of the hitch and it releases!!!!! That is the first time it has released on the first pull!!  So we were soooo excited!!!  We lower the front jacks to barely touch the ground and then I try to slowly pull away and can’t!!  The jaws of the hitch are open but I can’t pull away from the hitch!!!  SO . . . we go try to ‘bump up’ the jacks to get some more pressure off the hitch of the truck . . . and . . . guess what?  Yep!!  NO POWER!!!!

We have the battery charger that we bought in Oklahoma City when we first lost battery power but it runs on electricity and we don’t have power at the storage unit!!!!  So I call the RV Tech to come out to jump us.  However, he’s busy and says it’ll be a couple of hours before he can come out.  However, he was able to leave the job he was on to quickly come get us unhooked.

After he left we took the batteries out  . . . which wasn’t easy . . . and have taken them to Auto Zone for a DEEP charge and then they will test them, under load, to see if they are bad or not.  The tech thinks we may have gotten 2 bad batteries that will not keep a charge.

So . . .in the end  . . . the RV is going back to the dealership and we are most likely canceling our plans for our first month long trip in August.  There is no telling what kind of electrical problems we are having and how long it will take to fix.  Looking at the bright side . . .we are glad that this has happened close enough to home and we are not out in the boonies somewhere and having these problems.

Is it going to be a complicated fix?  Or will this be an Easy Fix?

Only time will tell!!

Stay tuned for more excitement to come from “The Ole Rooster and his Hen” . . .



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