The Count Down Begins!!!

Time is really flying fast towards Ted’s retirement date . . . July 28, 2017!!  I am not sure if we will be ready!!  Well . . . he will be.  He’s been talking about retiring for several years now and I am so ready for him to retire.  However, I have a lot to do in the next 31 days!!!

'Unfortunately, your insurance only provides one dart this year.'To Do #1:

Since I am not near retirement age or medicare age I need to find medical insurance for me.  This is one area in our marriage that I have refused to take control of.  So now that I’m getting a crash course on health insurance.  With the new Trump administration vs the Obama Care, I am way too overwhelmed to even try to find the right plan for me.  If I find one, will it change with the new administration?  Will it cost me a fortune?  Will we not be able to travel because it’s all going to health care?  I have no idea and I can’t seem to concentrate for more than a hour and then I just give up and stop searching.  Not to mention all the ‘scams’ and ‘supplements’ out there, I’m sooooo confused!!  Since Ted has handled the insurance in our 40 yrs of marriage, I have no idea about the kinds of coverages & plans.  I just go to the Dr and say “I have XYZ insurance” and they take care of it.  Now I have to figure out what we have and what I can get that is comparable without costing us a fortune now that we’ll be on a “fixed income”.


To Do #2:

Speaking of medical coverage . . . before we . . . or more importantly . . . before “I” lose coverage, we need to make appointments to get our eyes checked, get to a dentist . . . yuck . . . and get physicals done.  We only have 31 days left!!  Who wants to place their bets that we don’t get in to see anyone in time?


24d3ce436d8c3d063e99fc383c6bb495To Do #3:

During this time frame, we will be staying at our son & DIL’s house babysitting the 3 grandsons while their parents take an 8 day Anniversary trip.  It will be fun being with the boys . . . they are so cute and so much fun! BUT I won’t get anything else done . . . like Dr appointments.  However, I should get lots of exercise because I’m sure we’ll be going to the pool almost everyday.


To Do #4:

The truck is in the shop again.  WHY?  Well, when we pulled the 5th Wheel home from Oklahoma, the truck would ‘shack & shimmy’ when I would climb a hill and accelerate. So we are having that checked out before we pull the trailer again.  Good news tho . . . the cruise control issue will be fixed by the dealership.  However, that means we have to make a trip to Dallas to get that done.  But we are excited that they are going to fix it even tho it’s a Used “NO WARRANTY” vehicle!!!


To Do #5:

Two days ago we found out that the tags on the 5th Wheel have expired.  To get the tags, the 5th Wheel must be inspected!!  WHAT???  Apparently, in Texas an RV over 4,000 lbs must be inspected.  REALLY?  We can’t pull it right now!!!  It has no batteries!!  The batteries are still at Auto Zone because we haven’t had time to get them.  We did find out that one of the trailer batteries is bad.  I don’t know much about how batteries go bad . . . So . . . Does that mean it was bad when we got it? Or did some other issue in the trailer cause it to go bad?  I have no clue!!  The dealership will not let us get a second battery and assure us that the jacks will pull up with only one battery.   I guess we’ll see when we go get it to get the inspection done.

To Do #6 (which may not happen until after Ted retires):

Map Ama, Ok, DallasOnce we get all of the above done, we will make another trip to Oklahoma to drop the 5th Wheel off at the dealership to get repaired.  Then we will drive the truck to Dallas to get the cruise control fixed.

Hopefully, once the truck is done, the RV will be done as well and we can bring it home on the way back from Dallas.  I’m not holding my breath!!  I’m afraid it’s going to be some complicated wiring issue that may even need to be taken back to the service center at Vanleigh to get fixed correctly.

When we started this journey just over a year ago, our plans were to hit the road full-time in our 5th Wheel.  We were going to be debt & fancy FREE!!  Seeing this beautiful country on our time schedule not anyone elses.

How things can change in a year!  We sold our house and most of our belongings in preparation to travel full-time in a 5th Wheel.  While we narrowed down our 5th Wheel selections, we rented an apartment for 3 months.  But we liked this little apartment so much and LOVE the fact that it’s really inexpensive, that we’ve decided to keep it as a ‘home base’ and take long extended trips instead of only living in the 5th Wheel.

40thMy date for this to happen was July 23, 2017.  Why that date?  That is our 40th Anniversary.  I figured that we started our lives together on that day, why not start our retirement years on that date.  However, with all of these issues we’ve had with the RV and the truck, we decided that we would not be able to meet that time frame.  So we changed our first trip to take place in August.  That allows us to be here for one of our grandsons birthday who turns 10. Ted and our daughter have a date planned on August 13th to see Pink Floyd in Nashville and we can be there for our other grandson’s 4th birthday which is the 19th of August.   When we visit our daughter in Nashville, we never get to do much because Ted has to take at least a week off work. . .  2 days to drive there, a couple of days to hang out and then 2 days to drive back home.  We just spend out time visiting at their home.  Now that he will be retired we could spend a month in Tennessee and actually see some of it.

Nite-197However, since the family didn’t get to see the RV while they were here for the Milestone Anniversary & Ted’s Retirement parties, we thought it would be fun to hang in Tennessee for a week, then head to Colorado to visit Ted’s sister and then head to New Mexico to visit my family.  Then head back to Amarillo.  That way everyone could see our new “home away from home”.


Apparently, that isn’t in the cards for us.  With all the repair issues, we are postponing that trip and flying to Tennessee for the Pink Floyd concert and our grandson’s birthday.  We’ll try to take a trip in September.  That is if the trailer is out of the shop by then.

” . . . Just Another Brick in the Wall”


Stay tuned for more excitement to come from “The Ole Rooster and his Hen” . . .



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