I’m Gunna Lose It!



I must do something!!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever weigh this much!  Something MUST change and SOON!!

What is going to change?

For starters . . . I am going to move more.  In addition to that, I’m going to make better food choices, eat more often and drink more water.  Yep . . . you hear that right . . . eat more often!!  Part of my issue is that I don’t eat because I forget to.  What?  Forget to eat?  How can anyone forget to eat?

Well, I don’t actually forget, I just get busy doing something and the time passes so quickly that by the time I go to eat, it’s already dinner time.  Not only have I skipped breakfast but lunch and snacks too!!!

When I was growing up, I was never a breakfast person.  I wasn’t one to eat a lot of cereal and never took the time to fix a hot breakfast.  I’m sure that mom tried to fix me something but I was probably running late for school . . . you know, primping and all . . . and I just ran out the door to get to school.

Then when I became an adult, I was so used to not having breakfast that I continued on that same path.  Only my reason this time was lack of time because I was getting MY kiddos ready for school and fixing them breakfast.  I just didn’t partake.  That is probably where my ‘once a day’ eating started.  I was either too busy taking care of the kids, the household and the gardens that I just ‘forgot’ to eat.  Then when the kids got to school, I still didn’t eat.  I filled that time with my crafts and gardening.  It was MY time and I didn’t want to waste it by taking time out to eat.  You know that my metabolism is all “Jacked Up” because of that.  Now I need to work on repairing all that damage.

After my second child, there was a picture of me standing in front of a Christmas tree (I wish I could find that picture to upload here).  For some reason my hubby took it while he was sitting on the floor and, believe me, that was not a flattering view.  I looked really tall and FAT!!  Every time we see that picture he says “There’s Man Mountain Mike!”  I used to think it was funny but then I didn’t.  I thought I was FAT back then!!  BOY! do I wish I was at that weight now!!  

OMG!!!  I have never looked up Man Mountain Mike until now . . . now I’m really mad at hubby for calling me that!!!  

I wasn’t near that big back then  . . . crappy picture or not!!!

Man Mountain Mike

Sometime after that picture was taken . . . some 34 yrs ago (cuz that second child is going to be 35 this year), I started my first “diet” and have been pretty much dieting or researching the next great diet ever since.   Yet I now am at a weight that I said I would NEVER be!!!

Good News!!!  I have lost some weight already!

With all of this moving and activity I’ve had over the last few months, I have been able to lose about 11 lbs.  What did I do differently during this time frame?  Mostly I moved a lot more but I did eat more often too.  Since I was moving around, exerting a lot of energy, I actually got hungry.  I tried to eat a lot of protein which I think helped me too.  Oh . . . the fact that my parents came to help us for about a week helped me out too.  We had to have 3 meals per day with them there.  LOL!!!  Since I lost weight during that time, it proved to me that I REALLY need to MOVE more and EAT more often!!!

Bad News!!!

However, I’ve added back on about 5-6 of those pounds in the last few weeks.  WHY?  Because I have been sitting at my computer, not eating, trying to learn about health insurance and medicare for when hubby retires at the end of the month!!

My Plan of Action

Starting August 1st,  WE . . .not just me . . .WE are going to start going down to the work out room we have here at the apartment.  I am also going to start cooking more.  He does most of the planning and cooking.  Even tho I love that he cooks, he doesn’t always cook the most healthy foods and rarely adds any vegetables.  I am going to have to put my foot down and insist that I plan and cook the meals.  Since he loves to grill, I will add proteins and veggies that he can grill.

To be a good mother and provide for my family, I had always thought that a ‘good’ meal had to be something fancy.  You know . . . casseroles, one pan dishes, crockpot meals, etc. and I was continually looking up great recipes that, most of the time, nobody liked.  I got lucky a couple of times.  But mostly they didn’t like my meals.  The last straw was when he had cooked something and the kids loved it. . . . and probably made a comment about his cooking being better than mine.   I said “Fine!!  Your dad can cook from now on!”  And that is when he started doing most of the cooking.   He could throw a bunch of crap together in a pan or on the grill and the kids loved it!!  

A couple of years ago I realized that I don’t have to find an awesome recipe to eat healthy, I just need a protein (probably grilled), some veggies (again, grilled, steamed or roasted) and a starch (potatoes, rice or pasta) and maybe a salad.  Nothing fancy . . . just some seasonings and viola! dinner is ready!!!  It just seems so simple that it just can’t be good . . . but it is!!!  AND . . . it’s usually doesn’t take a lot of prep time in the kitchen and is easy clean up.  WIN . . . WIN!!


Wish us luck and I hope you’ll be seeing less of me soon!!!

Enjoy the many ‘weights’ of me over the last 40 years!!

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Stay tuned for more excitement to come from “The Ole Rooster and his Hen” . . .





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