11 more days!!!!


Hubby retires in 11 days!!!!  Is it exciting?  YES!! Am I scared?  YES!!  We’re gunna be broke!!!!

I’m having to learn how to become frugal again!!  It’s been years since I have had to watch what I spend.  No more are the days of going to the store and just buying what I want  . . . YES, what I WANT . . . not necessarily what I NEED.

For instance . . . I wanted bar stools for the bar we have at the apartment.  They won’t be used very much because they don’t face the TV . . . we watch TV while we eat . . . but they will be great when we have someone over for dinner and for extra seating.  BUT the ones I like are too expensive and the ones I can afford are cheaply made.  Well, today I hit a JACKPOT!!!!!  I was at the local RESTORE store and they had these really sturdy iron/wood bar stools for $8.00 each!!!!!!  Yes . . . $8.00!!  Sure they need work  . . . but did I mention they were only $8.00?  AND . . . they are heavy as hell!!!!  OMG!!!!  AND, they swivel and are the perfect height for our counter!!  So I bought them.  My plans are to sand and stain the wood that will show and cover the seat with foam & fabric.  I may have to do that to the backs too.  However, I MIGHT check into seeing how much it would cost to ‘re-cane’ them and I will stain them.  Either way . . . they were only $8.00!!!!!

Somebody had already made new wood seats for them and that is what I will definitely use the foam and fabric for.  I might even try to get creative with the backs by using screen spline and some heavy screen or wire for the backs.  We’ll see what I end up doing.  If anyone has any suggestions for me, put them in the comments below.  OR if you know someone who could ‘recane’ them for very little money, put that in the comments too.

Don’t look for these to be done any time soon.  We have a couple of trips planned and I need to work on the dreaded five letter word . . . TAXES!!! But stay tuned and I will post the before and after pictures when they are done.

Stay tuned for more excitement to come from “The Ole Rooster and his Hen” . . .



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