Trip to OKC


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After a few months of dealing with the truck being in the shop, the RV batteries not holding a charge, getting hubby retired and all the paperwork that goes with that and getting my COBRA set up, we finally got the RV out of storage to take it to Oklahoma City for the needed repairs.

On the way there we saw so many RVs traveling.  Our thinking is that everyone is headed towards warmer weathered areas.  It’s turned cold and rainy in these parts.  We even saw two Vilanos within 20 miles of each other heading the opposite direction.  One with the older LOGO like ours and a newer LOGO.  Hubby didn’t even realize that it was a Vilano.  He’d never really seen that one before and we both decided that we don’t care for it as much as we LOVE the logo we have . . . more elegant looking than the new one.  But that’s okay . . .if you like it, good for you.  We just prefer the older design . . . hence one of the main reasons we purchased a new but older 2016 model 325RL.

We had just talked to the warranty lady 2 days ago and told her we would be there today.  She told us to call/text her right before we got to town so she could make sure she had a tech available as soon as we got there.  Once we got to the dealership, guess what?  She had called in sick and NOBODY . . . I mean, NOBODY was expecting us!!!!  Needless to say, I wasn’t happy!!  I had to text her to call me ASAP that we were there and no one knew what to do with us.  What did she do?  Call me?  Nope!  She called the service department and talked to the lady I was talking to.  In short, we got it all straightened out but the news we received wasn’t what we wanted to hear.  They may not be able to get to it as quickly as we were lead to believe.  There are RV’s there that haven’t been touched that have been their for 6 wks!!  We’ll see how they work it since we’ve had an ‘open’ work order since May!!!!!  I would assume that would put us on the top of the list . . . but  time will tell.  We have decided to leave it here and we will drive back to Amarillo without it . . . AGAIN!

2017-09-28 09.40.29

It wasn’t a total wasted trip tho.  While we were there, we had one of the mechanics come out and show us again how to unhook the RV from the slider hitch.  We’ve had trouble getting it unhitched with the SuperGlide hitch.  When we did our ‘walk through’ when we picked the RV up, I think our heads were swimming and by the time we got to hooking and unhooking up, we were overwhelmed and didn’t listen as closely as we should have.  This time we only had the hitch to focus on and I think we will be able to get unhitched a lot smoother next time . . . that is . . . IF we remember how to do it by the time we get it back!!  LOL!!

I will give them until next Tuesday before I call them for an update.  We will probably decide what we will do next based on what they tell us at that time.  Because of it being so late in the year, we are expecting to have them winterize it so that we can just put it back in storage and we’ll put of traveling until next Spring.

The next issue we have to handle is getting the computer system and cruise control replaced/fixed in the truck.  We have an appointment for Oct 9th to have it done.  This will mean we will be taking a trip to Dallas . . . that’s where we bought it.  We are hoping that the RV repairs will be completed by the time we head back home after Dallas.  If it is, we’ll leave Dallas and head back to OKC.  If it’s not, then we’ll leave Dallas and head back to Amarillo.

Stay tuned for more excitement to come from “The Ole Rooster and his Hen” . . .


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