It’s Getting Closer


When will the issues with this truck ever end??  It has been a crazy ride but I think we are getting closer to actually being able to take a trip before winter sets in.

During this time we’ve had the truck in the shop a couple of times for basically the same thing . . . a new transmission.  Well, we had a lot more work done on it but this woman has no idea what was done . . . just that everything should be . . . “should” being the operative word . . . should be brand new.  However, after a trip to take the RV back to Oklahoma City for the needed repairs, we had to put the truck back in the shop.  Why?  Well, initially, we were taking it in to get a ‘blinker light’ replaced.  As I was leaving the apartment complex the truck made a terrible ‘clunk’ sound.  Then I noticed that I was in 4th gear and when I’d try to put it into Drive, it dropped back to 4th gear.  I pulled over and hubby, who was following me, saw me and pulled over to see what was wrong.   I told him what happened and he said “Just go ahead and take it in to the mechanic and we’ll have him fix the bulb and see what else is going on.”  Almost 2 weeks later and a new ‘solenoid’ installed, we get the truck back.  Thankfully, it was covered by the warranty on the new transmission we had put it.

At the writing of this post, we are in Dallas getting the cruise control put in the truck.  This is something that we’ve been waiting to do since we purchased it in May 2017!!  On our way home from purchasing it, we realized that the cruise control didn’t work and we’ve been in contact with the dealer ever since to get it fixed.  However, with all the time the truck and RV have been at their respective shops we haven’t been able to make it back to Dallas to get it done.

We got to Dallas on Sunday and dropped the truck off at the shop on Monday.  They were able to get a loaner vehicle for us to use.  It was funny because they didn’t realize that we were going to stay here while they worked on the truck.  At first, they weren’t going to give us a loaner because they’d have to take their ‘inventory’ offline . . . they deal with mostly online sales  . . . which is how we found the truck we bought from them.  Then when they found out we were staying in Dallas, they found an SUV for us to use.

The auto dealer did their own diagnosis on the truck, tried one fix that didn’t work and ended up putting a new computer system in the truck yesterday.  Now they are waiting on a company to come program it.  Again, we are waiting.

When we made hotel arrangements before coming here, we were unsure of how long it would take them but assumed that we would be here until Thursday and then head to OKC to get the RV.  Well, it’s Friday and we are still here. Which means we’ve extended our hotel stay.   Even tho we are paying for a hotel for a week, we are saving lots of money on food.  This hotel not only has a great breakfast in the morning but they have a themed ‘Social Hour’ in the evening.  We have had Oktoberfest night, make your own Pho night, Nacho night and Cheese & Fruit night.  Each night has a make your own salad, freshly baked cookies, beer, wine, lemonade, tea and coffee.  So far, not including the cost of the room, we have only spend $50!!  That includes going the the Dallas Zoo, lunch at the Zoo and a small trip to Walmart for some drinks and snacks for the room.

Speaking of the Zoo . . . we had a great afternoon there.  When we travel, we try to go see the local Zoo because we both love animals!!  Yet when we go, we never really get to see many animals being very active.  Mainly because we go in the summer time when we would take our vacations and it was just too hot and the animals were hot and just laid around.  This time they were ALL active!!  It was awesome!!

The drive to the Zoo wasn’t bad . . . remember, we are in Dallas!!!!  The drive back to the hotel was AWFUL!!!  We were on the highway and it was 5 o’clock traffic . . . well, it was actually only about 4:15pm!!!!  At one point, we had to come to a pretty quick stop and we heard screeching of tires and then a crash behind us!!!  I never saw the wreck but I saw a truck & car pull off the road beside us.  I quickly got off the highway and took the back roads back to the hotel!!  We will continue to stay off the highways while here in Dallas . . . they are just too dangerous!!!  On the plus side . . . when we came into Dallas, all the construction that was going on in this area when we were here in May was completed.  Thank GOODNESS!!!!

Our next hurdle is to get the Vilano back.  After we get done here, we have made reservations in Norman, Ok, which is near the RV Dealership, to stay a couple of nights while we go check out the repairs on the Vilano.  If all goes well, the repairs will be completed and acceptable and we can head to Foss State Park, between Clinton & Elk City, OK, to spend our first week in the Vilano.  Hopefully we will be able to check out all the other features of the RV that we haven’t been able to try.  This will also give us a chance to take inventory and access what else we might need to load into the RV from home, or what we may need to purchase, before our next trip.  If everything works, we’ll head back to Amarillo for a night to get those additional items and then head to New Mexico for a couple of weeks where we hope to spend Thanksgiving with our family.

I’m hoping that my next post will be from Foss State Park next week.  Until then . . .

Stay tuned for more excitement to come from “The Ole Rooster and his Hen” . . .


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