Pinch me!!! Am I Dreaming?

OMG!  It’s happening . . . but don’t say it too loud, we don’t want to jinx things!!

We made it to RV General Store to pick up the RV.  After some discussion about a missing blind . . . yep, we’re still missing one . . . and a drawer handle that broke off in my hand, we hit the road.

conntek-rv-marine-cords-14436-64_1000I guess it would be good to mention here what our electrical problems were in the RV.  It was exactly what we hoped it was . . . the power cord was bad!!!  Yep, five months of not being able to use our brand new RV because the power cord didn’t have a working ground!!!  We are just glad that was all it was and not some elaborate electrical wiring issue that they would have to take months to trace.  Just very frustrating that something so simple kept us from using it.

Having said that . . . we keep saying “Things happen for a reason”.  That reason being . . . we were able to find out that the truck we purchased wasn’t safe for pulling the trailer  . . . after pulling it back and forth to Oklahoma a couple of times.  The tires were too big for the rims and it had some mechanical issues.  This is part of the reason we couldn’t get the RV fixed was because the truck was in the shop and we couldn’t pull the RV back to the dealership in Oklahoma.  Thankfully, we found all this out before we hit the road and had these issues on the road.

In short, we had the transmission replaced and some drive shafty thingies . . . don’t ask me to explain any more because I am not a mechanic and don’t understand any of it.  All I know is that it cost a lot of money, it was in the shop for about a month and it kept us from getting our RV back to the dealership to get it fixed.  Then after it was fixed we pulled the RV with it and the next time I drove it in town, it got stuck in 4th gear.  So it was back in the shop for a week.  It turned out to be a bad solenoid!!  Thankfully, the mechanic had used a company with a GREAT warranty . . . so this repair was FREE!!!  WHEW!!! I’m so DONE with RV & truck problems it’s not even funny!!!  Now we should be good to travel safely . . . Things happen for a reason . . . right?

Screenshot 2017-12-11 17.43.35

On one of our trips back home from Oklahoma without the RV, we decided to drive by FOSS State Park Lake to see if it was somewhere we’d like to stay to try things out instead of staying at a boring RV park in Oklahoma City.  It’s less than 10 miles off I-40, about half way between our home in Amarillo, Tx and Oklahoma City and an easy in/out situation for us first timers.  Since it’s close to the RV dealership we weren’t so far away and could take it back for repairs.  We quickly decided that YES, this is where we’d like to stay.  It has pull thru sites right by the water, some have nice shade trees and there is water & electricity.  No sewer but they have a dump station.  We even picked out which site we’d like to have so that we could call ahead to make a reservation when we were ready to stay there.  We are so excited . . . we have a destination to take our RV out for the very first time!!!!

Fast forward to November 7, 2017 . . . If you’ve been following this blog, you will know that, if nothing goes wrong, this is actually our first “real time” camping  in the Vanleigh Vilano 325RL since we bought it in May 2017.  If you are reading this blog for the first time and would like to catch up, you can read the 10 part series titled “Maiden Voyage – Not what we expected”.

2017-11-07 14.02.18
Lost a hubcap on the way here!!  Not happy!!!

Day #1 . . . Today we get to try out our RV for “reals” this time!!  We pull into FOSS State Park Lake get unhooked, get all the utilities hooked up and get settled in for the night.  And we are FREEZING!!  It’s so cold here!!  We had been expecting to test out the air conditioning on our first trip . . .  not the furnace!  Up until now, at home, we’ve been in the 60-70’s and sometimes in the 80’s but today it was between 37-44 with wind!!  Brrrrr!  At least this time, hubby isn’t having heat stroke setting up camp like he did when it was hot and humid on our “fake” trial runs.

Day #2 – Our first night and this morning it’s still windy & 33 degrees!! But I’m happy to say . . We have been pretty cozy with the little space heater as a back up.  The water lines haven’t frozen and we still have propane. This will test us on how long a tank of propane will last.

So far we have had only a couple of stumbling blocks . . A light panel wasn’t working . . . which I got fixed via a few text messages & pictures to the dealership service department;  and our fireplace isn’t working.  It worked when we originally picked it up, so we are confused as to why it’s not working now.  However, we think that the ‘fried’ converter, ‘fried’ the FP.  Thankfully, one of the things that I packed . . . just in case . . . was a small space heater.  And the furnace works. There is no TV service (but I later figured it out) here but that is ok too.  I packed some games, DVD’s and we have cell/data service on/off.  Plus, we can Bluetooth Pandora for some music. We also purchased some $5 movies when we went to the store to stock up with food. Being Semi off-grid for a few days will be a good thing . . . we NEED the relaxation time!

I spent most of the day organizing what I could.  We decided that since we were not going to be here that long, we wouldn’t put out any decorations.  We lost a day since we had to stay in Oklahoma an extra day and this spot was reserved on Friday.  We could have moved but made the decision to head home.  There were some things we needed to get at home before we continued on with our trip.  Our plans are to head to Albuquerque to be with my family for Thanksgiving.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy this slide show of our 3 day stay here.  It was really relaxing but we needed to get home to get the truck into the shop again to get checked out.  Yep . . . more issues.  It’s ‘shuddering’ going up hills again.  So hubby isn’t comfortable taking it on another trip until he has it fixed.  So we will just take the RV home, put it into storage while they fix the truck . . . AGAIN!!!

Stay tuned for more excitement to come from “The Ole Rooster and his Hen” . . .


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