FINALLY – Trip #1 (2017): Part 2

NOVEMBER 11, 2017

During our trip to Foss Lake State Park, we made a list of items that we still needed to get from home or that we needed to shop for to finish stocking our RV for the remainder of our trip.  So we headed back to Amarillo for a few days to get those items before continuing on to Albuquerque to be with Karen’s family for Thanksgiving.


Since we live in an apartment, we don’t have anywhere to park the RV to load and unload.  So we get a couple of nights at our local RV Park, Fort Amarillo RV Park to take care of those chores.

We spent these two days getting things moved from the apartment to the RV and getting the boxes unpacked.  It is really a pain because the RV Park is about 5 miles away and we have to add 2 additional nights RV Park costs to our budget to do this.  At least we have this option and, so far, we’ve not had a problem getting a space there.  However, the really nice thing about doing this is, we get to be plugged into 50 amp service and can run the AC while we are getting all hot and sweaty, we have running water, the slides can be out and I have TV or radio to keep me entertained.  I wouldn’t have those options if I were at the storage unit or at the apartment.  So I guess it’s worth paying for 2 nights.

This particular time our grandson got to come stay the night with us.  The older boys had something else planned but they all got to see the RV for the first time the next day when they picked up their little brother.  Can you believe that we’ve had this RV for over 8 mths and this is the first time anyone has been able to see it because it’s been in/out of the shop or in storage so much.   So it was nice to finally get to show it off.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Even tho we were only here for a couple of days and most of it was loading, I decorated it for the family to see it in all it’s glory.  After they came to see it, I packed it all up so we could continue on to Albuquerque, NM the next day.

Stay tuned for more excitement to come from “The Ole Rooster and his Hen” . . .


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