Let’s Chat: Goals for 2020

As I stated in my HOME page, I am a PLUS-SIZED woman who just turned 60 in 2019.

That needs to change in 2020 . . . not the age but the size!!

Hindsight is 20/20 . . . YES, I went there!

But, it is so true. I should have known that if you eat the way I eat and do not move, you WILL gain weight!!

Left to Right:
1977 – 95 lbs soaking wet!! – July 1977 (18 yrs), My wedding day
2004 – 194 lbs. (45 yrs old) – When I realized I had gained 100 lbs!!!
2016 205 lbs (57 yrs old) – NOTE to self – DO NOT wear your hair that way EVER!! And . . . DO NOT EVER wear a blouse that gathers at the hips!!!
2019 201 lbs (60 yrs old) – This picture is so deceiving!!  I look much better than I did in 2004 & 2016!  Humm??


During my first 20 years of life, I didn’t have this weight problem . . . I thought I did!! Yes, I had put on weight after the kids were born but I did not have the problem I do now!! I ate what I wanted, finished off what the kids didn’t eat, didn’t exercise and thought nothing about it. . . . BIG MISTAKE!!

If I could tell my 20-year-old self anything, it would be “MOVE, MOVE and MOVE some more. AND, eat 3 healthy meals per day. Your body will thank you later.”

Once I hit my late 40’s and now, in my early 60’s, I DO have a problem with my weight which has been caused, mainly, due to my messed up metabolism from bad eating choices and I have a hard time losing it! I eat one meal per day, in the evening . . . and it’s a large one! I probably consume all my daily allotted calories between the hours of 7pm and midnight (or later, depending on how long I stay up).

That is another thing that I do . . . or don’t do . . . is sleep. I am trying to get better but I still don’t go to sleep before midnight and it’s usually not before 3am. Then I wake up between 8 am and 11 am depending on what I have going on the next day. I am also known for “pulling an all-nighter”. Yep . . . even at the ripe old age of 60, I can still do them. Just not more than one in a row though.


In order to get my health in check here are my Goals for 2020:

  1. Eating smaller meals more often. Beginning with eating a healthy breakfast. We already eat fairly clean, so I don’t need to worry about adding that to my list of goals. I just need to eat more often and not as much at each setting.
  2. Drink more water and less coffee. I drink coffee all day long and rarely drink any water. My aim is to drink about 40 oz of water per day.
  3. Move more. I will start by walking at least 15 min per day and using my Band/Exercise Ball every morning and every night for about 7-10 minutes each time.
  4. And, last but not least, becoming ACCOUNTABLE for my ACTIONS!! I have a group on Facebook called Getting Healthy. I will start posting more in that group so that you all can keep me accountable. If you are not already a part of the group, come join us.

My husband retired in 2017 and our income has been cut by a third!!!   Yes . . . by one third!!!!   We’ve gone from a VERY Comfortable living and not having to look at price tags to a Mediocre Comfortable living and having to look at every price tag again like I did when we first got married and it is NOT ANY FUN!!!

For the past 10 years, I have had a home direct selling business that was begun because I was bored. We had just built a brand new home and I no longer had any ‘projects’ to keep me busy. I thought this business would keep me busy . . . which it did. However, as much as I love the products and love my customers, I HATE having to be tied down every 2 weeks placing an order and delivering those orders.

When my husband retired, we purchased a 5th wheel so that we could travel the USA. We actually were going to live in it . . . sold the house and virtually everything in it . . . but plans changed and we are now in an apartment. We are trying to travel about 6 months out of the year. Having the Direct Sales business was difficult to manage while we traveled because of the deadlines I had to meet for ordering products for my customers and I could not deliver them in person while we were traveling. So I had let my business dwindle to almost nothing over the last few years. I still order a few of the products for my self and have started to gain more online customers which are more manageable for the times we are traveling.

But I wanted more . . . so I was on the hunt for something I could do while traveling. Right before Christmas, an opportunity dropped into my lap. It’s with a company that has products I have never used before and ones I never saw me using or promoting. However, now that I have taken the leap, I am REALLY EXCITED about the potential that I have with this groundbreaking company. They are DEBT FREE and have PLANT-BASED, NON-GMO, GLUTEN FREE, ORGANIC PRODUCTS that are CRUELTY-FREE. The company is only about 3 yrs old. Learn more here >nbsp;>> TAKE A FREE TOUR

Now that I am committing to becoming a healthier version of me, this company and these products are going to help me reach my goals for 2020 . . . PHYSICALLY and FINANCIALLY.


Speaking of Financial . . . here are my financial goals for 2020 and beyond:

  1. Short Term Goals:
    • Make Executive by the end of December 2019
    • Add at least 10 new RETAIL customers to my New Venture each month and earn 50% on their purchases.
    • Add at least 5 new WHOLESALE customers to my New Venture each month and earn 20% on their purchases.
    • To advance my rank to BRONZE in 3 mths by helping, at least, 2 of my WHOLESALE customers become an EXECUTIVE (1 in each leg).
  2. Mid Term Goals:
    • To advance my rank to SILVER in 6 mths by helping, at least, 2 more of my WHOLESALE customers become an EXECUTIVE (1 in each leg).
    • To advance my rank to GOLD in 12 mths by helping, at least, 4 more of my WHOLESALE customers become an EXECUTIVE (2 in each leg).
  3. Long Term Goals:
    • To earn/save enough to buy/build a NEW home
    • Travel the USA and Abroad without worrying about money

Have you thought about your goals for 2020?

Please share your goals in the comments below. . . I’d love to hear about them.

Happy 2020!!!


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