Take the Risk – It will be worth it!!

Do you spend the first week of the year looking for your flaws?  How about in 2020 you use this week to look at our POTENTIAL!!  How fit can you get in 2020?  Can you become financially FREE in 2020?  Can you make your current relationship the best it can be in 2020?

“TAKE THE RISK!!  It WILL be worth it!”

This time of year is when everyone starts thinking about their FITNESS, FINANCIAL and RELATIONSHIP goals.  Social Media is inundated with people saying that they are tired of living paycheck to paycheck, they are too fat or their relationship isn’t working for them.  Yet, they do nothing about it after the second week of January!!

Here’s a thought . . . Be the risk taker in 2020!

Sure . . . It’s scary but, in the end, it will be so worth it!!  


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Will it be easy?  NOPE!!  But with consistent hard work, personal development and failure . . . Yes, you will have a failure or two . . . you will SUCCEED!!  It may take a few tries . . . But if you don’t TRY, you’ll never SUCCEED!!  If you NEVER start, you’ll never know “what could have been”!!  So get out there and take a RISK . . . what is the worst thing that could happen?  You Fail!  So?  You get up and try again!

Image result for how many times did Michael Jordan fail

I am still TRYING, FAILING and TRYING again!  Every single day!!

You got this . . . Take the Risk!!

This time next year you will thank yourself for starting today!!


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