Your Path to Success

“OUR SUCCESS is directly related to what YOU DO to create your success. No one else can create success for you.”

Your Path to Success

CUSTOMERS are key . . . “The only people who are going to ensure your earnings are your Customers.”

Work on how to:

  • Reach more Customers
  • Sell more products
  • Maximize using the Avon Brochure
  • Provide consistent Customer service through follow-up
  • Introduce group selling
  • Reinforce the need for superior Customer service
  • Expand Customer base through erepresentative


  • Follow up on every brochure. When you follow up, you keep your Avon store open for business as you reconnect with your Customers and ask for the sale.

Aspire to achieve guaranteed earnings:

  • If you sell to just 20 Customers every two weeks, you are on track to achieve President’s Club, which means guaranteed earnings.

Plan to Succeed:

  • Goal-setting – Having a goal is only the beginning. From there, you must have a plan that sets out, in writing, how you expect to achieve it.  Every day, figure out how many Customers you have to see and how much you need to sell to meet your goal. Some days you will make it, some days you won’t. But once you started keeping track, it will be easy to see how far away you are and how hard you need to work to achieve your goal.
  • Set your annual President’s Recognition Program goal. (example: President’s Club level $10,100)
  • Develop an action plan each quarter. (quarter = 3 months)
  • Prepare to sell—learn about new products and programs.
  • Keep Customers shopping— share brochures and follow-up.
  • Track your progress every campaign.
  • Each quarter adjust your plan:
    • Review current cycle-to-date sales.
    • Measure progress toward your PRP goal.
    • Review Plan to Succeed Guide. (on campaign tab)
    • Set new Customer and sales targets. (Ex. average customer order per campaign $25 X number of customers – 20 = $500 total sales. Multiply $500 total sales by 40% = $200 approximate earnings.) More customers = more earnings

1. Review dreams and goals.
2. Review the past 90 days’ results.
3. Set goals for the next 90 days.
4. Plan follow-up at 30-, 60- and 90-day intervals.

Let’s Get Started – Create Your Path to Success

Contact me and we can create your plan – set your goals – and determine the action steps to get there!  We will . . .

1. Create Your Plan
2. Set Your Goals
3. Determine the Action Steps to Get there
4. Take Action

You can do it! I know you can!

Happy Selling!

Karen Whitney
Avon Independent Sales Rep & Recruiter

If you are interested in changing your life, and you are local, you can contact me thru my website

NOTE:  Some of these figures may be outdated.  Use them as suggestions only.

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