Sell the Sizzle – Not the Steak

Sell the Sizzle – not the Steak!

I’m sure you’ve heard this saying. People don’t just buy product. They buy the benefits that fulfill their needs, which are derived from the products.

In today’s market, your potential prospects have one thing in mind. “What’s in it for them”, and in our sales business, you must realize this. While the “nuts and bolts” of our product or offer are important, that is not normally what gets someone’s initial interest and makes the sale.

If you are in the market for a raincoat, what is the primary thing you want? While the fact that it is double stitched and made out of high-grade material is great, what you really want is to keep dry when it rains.

The best sales people in the world understand human nature almost intuitively. Think of how much more you can sell if you see their needs or wants from the Customer’s perspective and not from yours. You must sell your product because that’s your business. They will only buy if it satisfies THEIR needs. So, once you ask open-ended questions and find out what your customer’s real needs and wants are, you can adapt your sales approach to fit exactly what they want to buy.

If you are to succeed, you have to figure out what other people are looking for. While they are really looking for a “steak”, it will be the “sizzle” that will sell them.

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