Selling Success and Your Attitude

Avon Selling Success
Your Attitude Can Make a Big Difference
“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity;
an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”
 ~ Sir Winston Churchill

There are many factors that contribute to a successful direct selling business such as Avon. One crucial element is a representative’s attitude and where he or she falls on the optimism/pessimism scale. Of course, most of us know that it is not always easy to be optimistic all of the time but putting it into practice can truly make a difference in your business as well as other aspects of your life. They say optimistic people tend to be healthier people in general. I believe It’s worth the effort to change those negative thoughts for that reason alone. Following are some examples of how an optimist and pessimist Avon seller may handle certain situations. For each example, ask yourself “Which one do I tend to be?”

A Rep hands out 10 catalogs and gets two orders…

  • Optimist:That’s great, now imagine if I handed out 50 catalogs. I should average 10 orders
  • Pessimist: Only two measly orders. I can’t get enough customers. Maybe this business is not for me.

 A rep receives a $200 order from a customer’s niece visiting from another state…

  • Optimist: Woo Hoo! A $200 order! This is a great customer. I am going to continue servicing her through my website and even mail her brochures.
  • Pessimist: Oh this is a great order but it’s a one time deal. No use in getting too excited about it.

A rep misses out on achieving a sales level achievement by a small amount…

  • Optimist: Wow, my orders have really grown this year. If I keep on building, next year I am sure to achieve this level. I really wish I would have made it this year but this is great confirmation that my business is growing.
  • Pessimist: I am really upset. I put in so much work off and could not even make it. Nothing ever goes my way. This business is way too difficult.

A rep finds out her customer called the company directly to become a rep herself…

  • Optimist: Geez, I am very disappointed but this is a true learning lesson. I am going to make a conscious effort to talk to my customers, friends and family about selling Avon so I don’t miss out again. I can also make it a point to include a recruiting flyer in my customer’s bags as well as in the brochures I hand out.
  • Pessimist: Just my luck! One of my best customers signed up under someone other than me. I can’t get a break.

A rep is missing items from their order…

  • Optimist: I understand that people are human and therefore there is always a chance I may have something wrong with my order every now and then. I am just really happy that once I contact customer service they are very willing to help fix my problem asap.
  • Pessimist: This gets me mad. I am going to call customer service and give them a piece of my mind. How dare they mess up my order.

From these examples it’s obvious to see that optimistic people take responsibility for their actions whether they are happy with the results or not. When a perceived obstacle gets in their way, they keep their eyes focused on the road and proceed on. For a pessimist that same obstacle can halt them in their track leaving them frustrated and feeling stuck. Many times they look toward the company or other people to blame for the situation. Again, it’s only human to have these feelings from time to time but from my experience, it’s your attitude that either keeps pushing you forward or holds you back from getting closer to your goals.

Article Courtesy of: Avon SEUL Rosemarie Kahn

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