Welcome! to “Chatting with Karen”

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 WELCOME Chatters!!

Let’s Chat about YOU . . . the Women Over 60 who

• Values HER beauty & her fashion

• Is Confident

• Is out to achieve HER dreams

• Is working to become the BEST version of YOU that you can be

AND it won’t cost YOU a dime!


I am so glad that you are here!!  And I am pretty sure that you got here because you “Googled” something about being a Woman age 60 or above . . . am I right? Well, you’ve found the place to be with like-minded individuals who will know exactly what you are going through.  I know that when I have done “GOOGLE” searches for fashions for my age and there is very little information out there for us.  If you are Plus Sized, like I am, then there is NOTHING out there!

That is the reason for this blog . . . to have a place to come get tips and ideas on what we should or should not be wearing at our age.  Oh . . . BTW . . . I just turned 60 in July (2019). I thought I’d feel worse about turning 60 but I don’t.  It’s just another day.  With all the information out there on the InterWeb . . . do they even call it that anymore?  LOL!  . . . I just find it so hard to believe that there isn’t more out there for gals our age.  Let’s change that with this blog!!!  Let’s have some fun!!!  What do you say?

I hope you will find this blog fun, exciting, informative and insightful. Because I love to take pictures, this site is sure to be filled with them.  So, if for no other reason than to be nosey into my “Life of Pictures” I hope you come back often to  “Chat with Karen”!

Oh . . . AND . . . If there is anything that you would like to learn or know about, just ASK!!!  There are NO DUMB questions! However, there might be some that are just too personal to answer here.  While I might not know all the answers, I will try my best to answer them or to find the answer.

Please let me know, in the comments below,  how you are liking . . . or not liking . . .  the information that I will be bringing to you.

Come on in and join the party . . . we’ve been waiting for you.

Chat with you soon,

Karen Ohnleiter Whitney


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