Lifetime Membership

Lifetime membership

How would you like to get a LIFETIME membership for a ONE TIME fee as little as $25 to purchase items you use on a daily basis?  Items like bath & body products, personal care products, skin care, makeup, fragrances, clothing, jewelry, home decor and household items.  

What would you say if I told you that 

you could also SAVE 20-40% on those items?  

Start your LIFETIME account with the  NEW Avon today and you can have those things . . . AND MORE!!!  See the chart below for the Starter Kits that are available to you.   Once you start your account you can decide which type of representative you would like to become.  Here are your options that can be changed at anytime with no additional cost:

  1. Personal Shopper (LIFETIME account) – you buy for yourself, your family and closest friends.  Get a 20-40% discount on the products you purchase and the opportunity to earn $1,000 in 90 days!!
  2. Part-time representative – you have all the benefits of #1.  However, because you are now looking to find more customers to buy from you, you will earn more money.
  3. Full-time representative – you have all of the benefits of #1 & #2.  However, you will begin to build a team.  Now you have more than one stream of income… earnings on your sales and you will earn 3%-8% on your team sales as well.  Not to mention bonuses, trips and prizes you have the potential to earn.

Starter Kit Options

Here is what you will get with your LIFETIME account
(Pick the one)

DISCLAIMER:  Items are subject to availability.  You will get the same amount of items.  They just may be different than what is shown in this picture.

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3 kits

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