Products Soon to be Discontinued!!


Calling all AVON customers, even if you do not buy your Avon from me, here is the latest news for you.

On Nov 1 2016 the following items  will no longer be in the brochures and will not be available . . . meaning, they are being discontinued!!

  • Lip Balms: Dew Kiss & Flavor Savers
  • All Ultra Luxury Liners: Brow, Lip and Eye
  • All Avon Elements Collections
  • All Avon Naturals Kids Collections
  • All Shimmering Body Powders
  • Extra Lasting Lip Stain & Balm
  • ANEW Men Collection
  • All Moisture Therapy Mini Hand creams
  • Avon Senses Limited Edition collections of the Strawberry Guava lotion and the Orchid Blueberry lotions

Most of these products have a shelf life of three years or more. The Lip dew you can store forever in the deep freeze.

The sooner you do this, the better chance you’ll have of getting them.  There will be other customers and/or representatives that will buy these in bulk so they will go FAST . . . SO HURRY to get yours!!!

If you do not have an AVON representative, click HERE go to my website to stock up before they are all GONE.

ALL orders over $40.00

get FREE shipping.

Otherwise, it’s just a

flat fee of $5.95.


JOIN the Shooting Stars team!


Choose from 3 kits, starting at just $25, which give you all the essentials you need to get you up and running.

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