Take the Risk – It will be worth it!!

Do you spend the first week of the year looking for your flaws?  How about in 2020 you use this week to look at our POTENTIAL!!  How fit can you get in 2020?  Can you become financially FREE in 2020?  Can you make your current relationship the best it can be in 2020?

“TAKE THE RISK!!  It WILL be worth it!”

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FINALLY – Trip #1 (2017): Part 1

NOVEMBER 7, 2017

50 amp power cord

If you’ve been following this series of blog posts, you’ll remember that in It’s Getting Closer – Part 2 we left off with us being at RV General Store picking up our 5th Wheel after being in the shop for some repairs to the electrical system.  In short, it turned out that it was as simple fix . . . a new power cord and a new converter, that the old power cord fried, was all it needed.  This is the second one Continue reading “FINALLY – Trip #1 (2017): Part 1”

UPDATE: on Truck & RV situation

blogupdateHubby retired 2 months ago and we’ve been busy dealing with trying to get our 2016 Taxes done, setting up all of the insurance, social security, pensions and medicare plans for hubby and I since he retired.  I can’t believe that was 2 months ago next week!!  Time is flying by so fast and we still haven’t been able to take a trip!! Continue reading “UPDATE: on Truck & RV situation”

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