Take the Risk – It will be worth it!!

Do you spend the first week of the year looking for your flaws?  How about in 2020 you use this week to look at our POTENTIAL!!  How fit can you get in 2020?  Can you become financially FREE in 2020?  Can you make your current relationship the best it can be in 2020?

“TAKE THE RISK!!  It WILL be worth it!”

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Let's Chat: Goals for 2020

As I stated in my HOME page, I am a PLUS-SIZED woman who just turned 60 in 2019.

That needs to change in 2020 . . . not the age but the size!!

Hindsight is 20/20 . . . YES, I went there!

But, it is so true. I should have known that if you eat the way I eat and do not move, you WILL gain weight!!

Left to Right:
1977 – 95 lbs soaking wet!! – July 1977 (18 yrs), My wedding day
2004 – 194 lbs. (45 yrs old) – When I realized I had gained 100 lbs!!!
2016 205 lbs (57 yrs old) – NOTE to self – DO NOT wear your hair that way EVER!! And . . . DO NOT EVER wear a blouse that gathers at the hips!!!
2019 201 lbs (60 yrs old) – This picture is so deceiving!!  I look much better than I did in 2004 & 2016!  Humm??


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I am SO close I can taste it!!!!


I need your help!!! I am on target to EARN a large BONUS for hitting the Silver Ambassador level with Avon this campaign. However, in order to get that BONUS, I must maintain that level for 3 more campaigns.

Here is how you can help . . . place an order on my eStore so that I can hit my sales goal for this campaign. As we speak, I only need $1,010 to reach my goal. I’m so close I can taste it!!!!!

If you’d like to help me,

please CLICK HERE and start shopping.

If you order today (12-15-16), you will get

FREE shipping on all $25 or more orders!!!!

Use the CODE: FREE4U at checkout.

Thank you in advance!!!

Merry Christmas to you all!!

Can you earn money with Avon?

Your Path to Creating Success 

Can you earn money with Avon?

JOIN our Shooting Stars Team

Today for only $15.00!!!

(Optional Deluxe Kit Addt’l $85.00. See kits below.)

Yes you can make money with Avon. However, it’s going to depend on you and how much you are willing to work. If you only want to ‘dabble’ in it or use it to get a discount on your favorite products, then you will not really make any money. In fact, you could actually be spending money but you will be getting your products at a discount. So you won’t be spending as much money as you might if you’d gone to another store to purchase your daily care needs, your makeup or your skincare.

So how do you make money with Avon?

You need to find customers who are willing to buy from the brochures that you pass out to EVERYONE that you know or don’t know. Friends, family, co-workers, your husbands co-workers, your family’s co-workers, the cashier at the store, the teller at the bank, the attendant at the gas station (if there is one) . . .

ANYONE . . . ANYWHERE . . . ALWAYS . . .  ASK!!!

Once you take their order, turn that order into Avon, receive the order from Avon, bag the order, deliver the order to your customers, collect the money from your customers and then, finally, PAY Avon for your cost of those products and supplies . . . . then it is PAYDAY!!!!!  In short . . . what you collect from your customers minus what you owe to Avon = your EARNINGS for that campaign.  That means you will get paid every 2 weeks!!!

Click here to see How I made $124.88 working only 4 hrs in 2 Weeks with only 7 customers and only about 3-4 hours week in a 2 week period.

What could you do with an extra $249.76 per month?????

JOIN our Shooting Stars Team

Today for only $15.00!!!

(Optional Deluxe Kit Addt’l $85.00.)


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