Take the Risk – It will be worth it!!

Do you spend the first week of the year looking for your flaws?  How about in 2020 you use this week to look at our POTENTIAL!!  How fit can you get in 2020?  Can you become financially FREE in 2020?  Can you make your current relationship the best it can be in 2020?

“TAKE THE RISK!!  It WILL be worth it!”

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Let's Chat: Goals for 2020

As I stated in my HOME page, I am a PLUS-SIZED woman who just turned 60 in 2019.

That needs to change in 2020 . . . not the age but the size!!

Hindsight is 20/20 . . . YES, I went there!

But, it is so true. I should have known that if you eat the way I eat and do not move, you WILL gain weight!!

Left to Right:
1977 – 95 lbs soaking wet!! – July 1977 (18 yrs), My wedding day
2004 – 194 lbs. (45 yrs old) – When I realized I had gained 100 lbs!!!
2016 205 lbs (57 yrs old) – NOTE to self – DO NOT wear your hair that way EVER!! And . . . DO NOT EVER wear a blouse that gathers at the hips!!!
2019 201 lbs (60 yrs old) – This picture is so deceiving!!  I look much better than I did in 2004 & 2016!  Humm??


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I’m Gunna Lose It!



I must do something!!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever weigh this much!  Something MUST change and SOON!!

What is going to change?

For starters . . . I am going to move more.  In addition to that, I’m going to make better food choices, eat more often and drink more water.  Yep . . . you hear that right . . . eat more often!!  Part of my issue is that I don’t eat because I forget to.  What?  Forget to eat?  How can anyone forget to eat? Continue reading “I’m Gunna Lose It!”

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