In the beginning . . .

When you were first approached by another Avon representative (your future Upline/Unit Leader) or maybe by your Avon District Manager, you were probably asked . . .

“Are you making all the money you want?”


“What do you do for a living? I bet you make a lot of money doing that!  No?”

or something similar.  You had no idea what they were leading up to.  The next thing you know, you are sitting at a table with her at Starbucks, McDonalds, or somewhere similar listening to her tell you all about the History of Avon.

You were sitting there thinking  . . .

“Why do I need to know this information?”   I know . . . cuz that’s what I was thinking.

Well, you really don’t.  But it is what Avon teaches us, leaders, to teach our new representatives.  But you have to admit, some of it was new to you.  For instance, did you know:

  • Avon has more than 5 million Independent Sales Representatives in more than 100 countries; and that
  • Avon is the largest supporter of the breast cancer cause, raises money and awareness about Domestic Violence, and has fund relief programs that provide services and support for victims of natural disasters.

Even tho you may think you don’t need to hear about the “History of Avon”, it will come handy at some point in your Avon Career.  And, it’s great to know that the company you are involved with is into such great causes and that the products you are selling will not only make your life better but it will make the lives of so many others better too.

The next thing you were asked was . . .

“What are your dreams and goals?”

If you are like me, you have never really thought about those things.  I just lived my life one day at a time trying to make ends meet at the end of the month.  So this question was kind of hard for me to think about.  Sure, I had dreams but that’s what they were . . . dreams!!  Never in a million years did I think that they’d ever come true . . . especially by selling Avon!.

Then I went to my first Avon Convention in Las Vegas.  WOW!!  Did that open my eyes as to what could really be achieved by selling “make-up”.  There were “teams” there who were selling  $9,000,000.00 in Avon products per year.  That is a lot of make-up!!  Not only were they selling a TON of make-up, but the leaders of these teams were also making at least 6 figure incomes!!!

“Oh my gosh!  You CAN make money at this!”

Right there and then I decided to figure out what my dreams would be (the goals would come much later) . . . I would earn enough money to make it possible for my husband to retire in 5 years or less.  He has worked so hard to provide the kids and I with a good life and I think he deserves to retire soon.   Once he retires and I am making the residual income that we need to sustain our current life, I want to travel the country . . . No! The World!  We had taken a trip, that was earned thru my husband’s hard work, several years ago to Switzerland and we both would love to go back there.  We’d like to go to other places in Europe too.

So back to your dreams and goals. . . what are they? Are they to:

  • Put gas in your car;
  • Buy diapers for the baby;
  • Put food on the table;
  • Pay the electric bill;
  • Buy a car;
  • Buy a house . . . what?

To start out, you can start small.  There is one lady who is an Executive Unit Leader (I believe), that only wanted a working stove when she first started selling Avon.  Within a very short time, she not only had that stove, but a refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher too.  All with her earnings with Avon.  With hard work, determination, a few skills, organization, planning, and desire, you can make your dreams come true too.  You CAN change your life!

Part of the hard work and planning starts with the  “Who Do You Know List” (WDYK).  This is the part of the sign-up appointment where your Upline/Unit Leader or District Manager asks you to list about 50 people that you know.  They can be friends, family members, acquaintances, FB friends, Twitter followers, the clerk at the grocery store, the lady you sit by at church, anyone that you come into contact with on a regular basis while living your daily life. They don’t have to live in your town and you don’t have to know their name . . . the lady who sits in front of me at church . . . is fine.  Just think of anyone that you could approach with a brochure in hand to help you gain customers.  The great thing about having your own Avon business is that you DO NOT have to change your life.  You can run your business while doing what you do every day.

After writing down as many people you can think of . . . using your cell phone to help you . . . she will then have you go thru and find those people who live out-of-town.  These would be great people to send an email to and let them know that you have started a new business venture and give them your website information.  Ask them to go there to purchase products from you and assure them that you will receive credit for the sale.   Then she will have you look at your WDYK list again and see who on that list might want to make some extra money.  These will be the people you will contact to share the Avon Opportunity with and start your own downline.   But there is good money to be made by doing this.  Not everybody is cut out to be an Upline/Unit Leader.

If you chose to go into leadership, this is where the REAL money is made.  Granted . . . it’s not easy!  You must have the desire to help others become a successful representatives more than you want to make money.  When you make sure they are successful, the money will follow.  You must also be willing to mentor and teach your downline how to do what you do for them to be successful.

Now your Upline/Unit Leader or District Manager will briefly go over the “Earnings Chart”, the “5 Steps to Selling”, your “First campaign checklist”, maybe set a few goals for the next 2-3 campaigns, give you the next meeting/training dates/times, give you your 1-2 campaigns worth of brochures, a bag to put them in, a few samples, a “Good Luck” handshake and send you on your way.  As you walk away from the appointment, you think “What?  Now what?”

If you are lucky, you will have a GREAT Upline/Unit Leader and/or District Manager that will contact you in about 24-48 hours to see how things are going.  Then she will contact you again before your first order is to be turned in, again after you receive that order, and then about 3-4 more times over the next 3-4 campaigns to make sure everything is going okay for you.  If you are not lucky, most representatives seem to fall into this category, then you will never hear from her again and you are left to go at this all alone.

Even if you do have a great Upline/Unit Leader, you will leave that initial appointment feeling VERY overwhelmed!  You will think “Now what?  Where on earth do I start?”.  You were given a lot of information in a short amount of time and not a lot of direction as to where to go or what to do next.  And,  you have probably already forgotten about the WDYK list.  The “what?” you ask?  Remember that list of about 50 people you know?  That list!  That is your starting point which we will go over in my next blog entry.

That is where I come in.  I will help you get started, stay motivated, get and stay organized, and, most importantly, help you make all the money that you desire.  I can help you . . .

  • If you only want to make enough to get your products for free;
  • If you want to make enough to make a car payment;
  • If you want to earn enough money to quit your full-time job.

Not everybody sells Avon to make it a career.  Everybody has their own reasons and I am here to help you determine what those reasons are and how to achieve them.

Happy Selling!

Karen Whitney Karen Whitney

Avon Independent Sales Rep & Recruiter

Founder and Administrator of Karen’s Cafe on Facebook (a group of Avon reps around the world who share, encourage and motivate each other to become successful reps.  You must be an Active Avon rep to be accepted into the group.  Make sure you have something PUBLIC that verifies that you are an Avon rep on your FB account)


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